The Town of Blacksburg has entered into an Agreement with Cherokee County on September 27th, 2016 for the County to complete Property Tax Notices.  The County will send one bill for property (cars, land, homes, buildings).  The Town of Blacksburg will continue to handle Delinquent Taxes and should be point of contact for that.

Tax notices for 2023-24 will be mailed by the County in late October.  The millage rate was 173 last year and remains the same at 173.  

For Information Concerning Your Tax Bill:

Town Treasurer's Office

Phone: (864) 839-2332

Collects all delinquent city property taxes

County Assessor’s Office

Phone: (864) 487-2552

Appraises real property and mobile homes and maintains all associated records
Maintains maps for appraisal purposes
Maintains ownership transfer information for real property and mobile homes
Makes address changes for real property

County Auditor’s Office

Phone: (864) 487-2543

Appraises and manages records for personal property (vehicles/aircraft/boats/etc.)
Manages records for department of revenue manufacturing property
Takes returns on aircraft and business personal property
Takes homestead exemption applications (65 and older or 100% disabled)
Prepares tax notices and makes address changes on all personal property maintains personal property information