Engineering Services - RFQ

The Town of Blacksburg, South Carolina is seeking Statement of Qualifications from qualified firms for Engineering Services for  Street Right-of-Way/Pavement Condition Rating (PCR), Asset Inventory & Assessment (AIA) Development, Water & Sewer System Evaluation/Modeling, and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Development

Deadline for Questions: Submittal Questions will be due on or before Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 10:00 AM EST. The primary purpose is to provide participating Offerors with the opportunity to ask questions, in writing, related to the RFQ. The Town may respond with an addendum within three (3) calendar days.

If an addendum is issued, proposers must acknowledge receipt of the addendum within their proposal.

Deadline for Submissions: All submittals, for the services specified, are to be received by the Town no later than 10:00 AM EST on Thursday, March 18, 2021 per the instructions below. Any submittals received after this date and time shall be rejected without exception.

Submission Requirements: The SOQ must be submitted to Dalton Pierce, Town Administrator at 105 S. Shelby St. Blacksburg, SC 29702 in a sealed envelope. Sealed envelopes must be clearly marked “RFP 2021-01“and include three (3) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy saved to a flash drive. The submittal, one complete document, must be signed by a person who is authorized to bind the proposing Company. Instructions for preparing the SOQ are provided herein.

Click the link below to access the Engineering Services - RFQ Document

Engineering Services RFQ


Engineering Services - RFQ - Addendum

Addendum 1 Revised Purpose/Project Description

Posted: 2/21/2021


This Addendum No. 1 to Engineering Services RFQ is issued by the Town of Blacksburg Administration Department. All areas of the RFQ not specifically mentioned in or affected by this Addendum shall remain unchanged.

The Purpose/Project Description on Page 3 has been revised to state that "The Town (estimated population 1,900), is located in Cherokee County in the upstate of South Carolina operates a public water system and does not operate a water treatment plant, but does operate a wastewater treatment plant."